Progressive Placement Service

Vision, Mission & Objectives


When the world requires “Real Talent”, Progressive Placement service Nepal Pvt. Ltd. stands there to supply it with excellent competency & professionalism. PPSN is determined to furnish top-rated standard staffing service to its clients in gulf countries and overseas.
PPSN dedicatedly comes up with:
• Supplying and covering all kinds of staffing within the stipulated period.
• Provision of reliable, talented & trained Nepalese Nationals to its clients.
• Building its workforce and raising its standard towards expertness.

Fast-growing Progressive Placement service Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is striving to be “the best in the country’s Recruitment Industry”. It intends to serve people and be the leading recruitment agency by continuously providing highly competent and success-driven professionals to its clients. PPSN believes in making long-term, strong bonds and trust maintaining deals with its clients. This Manpower agency is blessed with the vision to bring experienced professionals into the global market.


To solve the ever increasing unemployment problem of the nation.

To provide well experienced & skillful manpower to the client companies around the globe.

To utilise the skill & experience of the people for their betterment.

To focus on the upliftment of the basic living standard of the socially discriminated group of people.

To provide a better & reliable source of remittance to the nation

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